WRS Finals 2010: full report + edit by Be-Mag

Edit and text by Sam DeAngelis
Photos by Shardy Nieves 

We must remember that a lot of work goes into these events. From Daniel Kinney and his extraordinary event planning to Intuition shop owner Matt Mickey his on spot announcing. These guys and the staff at Rye Airfield work hard to bring such an event together… So next time you see these guys thank them and remind then of the great job they did Due to Kato’s strategic point system we were able to follow the WRS standings all year long… And with more competitions than ever in the 2010 season we could only imagine what to expect in 2011! These amateur and professional skater’s work hard to make it to The Top 30. So sit back… Grab some grub and watch your favorite blader’s as they compete neck and neck in the 2010 WRS World Finals… And YOU decide who deserves the title!

The OFFICIAL 2010 W.R.S. Championship Edit Presented by Be-Mag from Be-Mag on Vimeo.