WRS Finals 2010: additional photo update

Text by Freddy White
Pics by Kenneth Owens and Drew Humphrey 

Now that the dust has settled and that I finally flew back to the other side of the Ocean, it’s time for one last update, and a final reflexion on what made the WRS Finals so great. It’s been a while since a « World » event in blading had gathered so many international bladers, and that too made up for a great event, and an amazing level of skating as well. The finals truly represented that, not to mention CJ Wellsmore from Australia took the title and crown, taking it away from the United States for the first time. With more events, in more places, let’s hope it stays that way and that many up and comers get a shoot at it within the next few years, too. Skating has evolved so much, and progressed far beyond most of us could expect, it is great that events such as the WRS exist and offer an opportunity to showcase it in a proper way. Despite the lack of a proper afterparty, it was good to celebrate the end of an epic season with a whole bunch of rollerbladers. Great times… Until next year! See you there people, let’s make this thing even bigger and better, and push rollerblading to a whole new level all together.