Video: 'Remote'

Please be warned: The video you are about to watch is NOT epic. It is not going to influence any trends, nor will it help you decide what tricks to do. 

Video & Photography by Cameron Martin
Text by Chad Anthony

The people in the video could give a shit less what you think about them or the blading. Remote is a sparatic name and has no meaning, no purpose. There is no goal to impress, no dying urge to get sponsored. Nashville bladers came together to put this one together simply because thats what we do, rollerblade. It is a tight nit small community of piss poor, shit talking, sarcastic dirt bags. We are who we are and do what we do. I am proud of all my friends who busted their shit to film profiles. Zach, Munchie, Julian and Taylor all have a section and then there is a couple of montages. Something you probably won’t realize is that pretty much everything Taylor Popham does is switch and was all filmed in like a month. Also when Julian Mire fucks up that white rail at the beginning of his section THAT WAS ALL FIRST TRY. (reference Garrett Slobey’s rejects section) Cameron Martin (Cowboy) is tough to film with simply because just like everyone else in our crew he doesn’t really give a shit and is hard to motivate. We are all lucky to have each other and to have Asphalt Beach skateshop to support us. We will probably make another one sometime soon and it will be just as half assed. The video is going online for free simply because of the breakfast rule. If your blading flick is not better than breakfast, lunch, or dinner (rad videos) then don’t try to sale it. There shit was awesome and cost nothing to watch. We have a shit ton of skate spots and one hell of a crew. Come blade with us. To all the people who do not like what we are doing with rollerblades, you can suck a big one. We would like to present to you a new Nashville blade flick by Cameron Martin and all the Tennessee heads, REMOTE formerly known as the couch.

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