VanAM 2010 – Online Edit Competition

VanAM 2010 will be an online edit competition sponsored by RAZORS, REMZ, JUG, GROUND CONTROL and SHOP-TASK.

As most of you know, the annual Van-AM competition for the year was canceled due to weather issues. With the fast approaching winter, and the inconsistent Vancouver weather, it’s impossible to reschedule the event at this time. Having said that we are still going to keep the tradition alive and choose the best Amateur in the city (Van-AM) as well as the best line and the best trick of the event. So this year, we decided to try something new, It is going to be an online competition where everyone will submit a 2 minutes section before the end of this year (By December 31st). The main purpose of the competition is to choose Van-AM, the up and coming skater who exhibits the most effort and improvement while competing with the top skaters (“Pros”). The “pros” will not be able to win the Van-AM award but they could win the best trick and best line awards from the edits that they will submit. Every edit that will be submitted, will get a prize and will get posted on blog-task. The winners will also get some slick trophies and mad respect.

Who can compete:
The competition is open to every rollerblader who lives around Vancouver and the lower mainland or anyone who attended one of the previous Van-AM events, even if they are from out of town. So all the guys from Edmonton or Calgary or Kamloops or the north pool or wherever. If you attended the event before, even if you were just watching, you can all compete.

Submission / edit requirements:
Make a 2 minutes section of yourself skating street or park or both. The skating has to be current, don’t use old clips of yourself. The section doesn’t need to have any fancy filming or editing. It could even be just clips without music. You have to upload the section to YouTube or Vimeo by Dec 31 2010 and send a link with the edit to [email protected] If you have any questions please send them to the same e-mail ([email protected]).