Valo4Life Premiere – Berlin

Text and Photos by: Dirk Oelmann

The idea behind the concept of Ignitions City Guide Berlin DVD is to show the city itself, the best skatespots and some profiles of Berlin shredders. In the print version you will find a wide range of information about spots, people, hostels and the city. The print version is a gift to all customers who order their stuff at  before and after christmas. The free online clip will be splitted into 4 parts. The first one will be released very soon!

The major release was the “Valo4Life” video. Over 120 rollerbladers from all over Germany headed over to Berlin to see this amazing peace of work. Everyone enjoyed the movie with its interesting content, amazing skating and the good athmosphere. Afterwards a bunch of rollerbladers continued the nice evening in the “Magnet Clup” to party, to talk and to have a nice evening! 

Mr. Winterclash – Jojo Jacobi                                                  Sascha Krautz – Photographer and cool dude

Leo Donhauser (Ignition Shop owner) and Philipp Preuss (Razors flow rider)

Peter Bender (Photographer) and Maik Lojewski (Nimh and Grindhouse team rider)