Trouble: Featuring Mike Obedoza, Matt Florentino, and Chuck Cauton

We all go back to about 1999… Mike as you all know is one of the greats (in my opinion) and I’m really proud of all his accomplishments that he’s made not only in the industry, but also in his carrer. Matt and his tournament fishing partner and rollerblading legend, Randy Spizer are the current SWBA record holders (Team Face Down Bass Up – bass fishing). Chuck is an established freelance tattoo artist who is also working side by side with Jug on upcoming products. And theres myself. I would of thought that “borrowing” my Dad’s old Hi-8 camcorder would have brought me to where I am today.

We all thought it would be best to visit one of our last living stomping grounds and bring it back proper. We all used to session this spot religiously so it was only right to shoot here. I’m really proud everyones hard work that they put into this piece. As a group, we’ve always digged quality over quantity and I think it got through in this piece. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to watch this. We all appreciate it! On behalf of Mike, Matt, Chuck, and myself… Troubles finally here.

-Joel Buenavista