Tri-State Skate Tour 2010 – Part 1

This is day one of the Tri-State Skate Weekend Tour of Rochester and Buffalo. We spent a solid 6 hours driving north to Rochester. “Crazy” Pat is always the entertainer earning his mark as being the center of attention during our trip. When we arrived in Rochester we were greeted by our hosts for the weekend. Steve Bruning was kind enough to let a dozen rollerbladers crash in his living room on the third floor. Grant Hazelton promised to show us a few street spots on our second day. Unfortunately when we arrived in Rochester it was raining quite hard. Instead of looking for street skating we stopped by the park for a warm session to see what R.A.S.P. short for Rochester Action Sports Park was all about. This place is brand new and a very fun park to blast though. The start box pushes you to go fast every time you drop in. After a brief session we headed back to apartment to shower up and head out for “Crazy” Pat’s birthday. At the end of an eventful night Pat ended up taking a cab back to the apartment solo. None of us realized Pat was not in the cab home. We have know idea how or why this happened so I know we all had a good time.”

Jason Staine

 Rolling Film Media