This is Tainted Youth

Written by Cody Sanders

Photography by Jaysin Williams & Timona Kasue
Trailer edited by Austin Bartels

My friends and I have talked a lot about the industry. About how everyone’s trying to have all these professional standards and outlooks on how things should be handled.

News flash: We are fucking rollerbladers! We shouldn’t be worried about professionalism! We are the anti-culture! This isn’t the fucking NFL. It’s ok to be a little rough around the edges, because that’s how it all began. Rollerblading, BMX, etc. We are the outlash at the mainstream sports. We’re more than rules, and standards.

That’s been our vision in the past year of filming for this video. We’re not getting paid for this. Hell, we’re not even sponsored. We just want to get down, get drunk, do some fun tricks, and enjoy the time spent working on this together. We think it shows when you watch it.

We could give a fuck about mainstream videos. I don’t think we’ve ever been less juiced after watching any “Razors News” edit. That sense of what skating is actually like is lost amongst all the cheesey professionalism and HD. We want to bring back that anti-culture vibe. That’s what rollerblading was created for. Fun and an escape from the norm. Keep your eyes open. 

“Tainted Youth” is going to be online, for free, because skating is not about trying to make a buck. It’s about what you put into it. So sit back, grab a Miller Highlife, and enjoy our minute long trailer. More antics coming soon…

-Cody Sanders

Tainted Youth Trailer