The Malta Experience

After two pseudo trailers it’s time for the real thing. Making a 3 minute skating edit wasn’t worth the trip, people had to see what Malta was actually about! I’m glad this makes my Maltese friend Brandon proud of his island. It’s even more beautiful there than you see in this video. Hope you can enjoy this as much as we enjoyed our journey there.  

– Nicolas

It has now been a few weeks after we got back from our Malta Experience and Oh! what a skating experience it has been. Yann wasn’t indiginous to this island, but I reckon never had he imagined or seen, during the time he spent there, anything skatable.

Rollerblading has evolved so much in the past years and I feel we’ve become picky about everything…especially spots. I noticed that when we went back to old rails we skated back in 96 in Geneva, the run up is shit, the rail is belly high, the landing is downhill in a one way street where cars come up from a blind corner…we skated it a little for old times sake but the only thought going through my head was…how? how did we skate this back then…and suck at it now? Maybe we were less concerned about hitting a spot with speed and were lower on our tricks? maybe falling was fun back then? maybe we were less scared? I think it’s a bit of all of that, mixed with the fact we weren’t that difficult and skated whatever spots we had.

When we were in Malta, after the first day and a half, we already thought to ourselves…”man, we should stop looking for the perfect american rail here” let’s just skate whatever…

What you see in this video, a part from maybe 5 other spots we didn’t get to check out, is pretty much ALL there is to skate! and believe me when I say all of them had something wrong, whether it’s a step-up/down run up, slippery, glass, rocks, cracks, cactus. dust…you name it!

Malta was a great experience skating wise, it truly opens your eyes on the possibilities in street skating, and that’s something we really needed here in geneva after skating the same shit for years and years! Now i see a trashcan in gravel and I want to skate it! (just kidding, but yeah…)

We’ve met some great skaters there, two actually, and I think it was way more fun to skate in a small group like this then having a whole bunch of riders, especially considering the limitation of spots.

Besides all this, Malta is a really beautiful place to visit, with a lot of cats and memories. I believe cats will take over the island soon, watch out Maltese! I try, with this video, to show you as much scenery as I can, sorry for the shaky clips 🙂

I’m gonna wrap this up, just want to thank Yann for inviting me there, Be-Mag for letting me run a story on this, Brandon Calleja for being an amazing tour guide and taking time off work to show us around, Jerry for the constant joking around and the swedish touch he brought to our days and basically everyone who supported us, directy and indirectly.