Task Around 2010: Exclusive online premiere this upcoming weekend only on be-mag

Make sure you come back again to BE-MAG.com this Friday, July 30, 2010 for the worldwide online premiere of the Task Around 2010. Task Around is an annual Canadian freestyle rolling tour presented by Shop-Task. Every year the Shop-Task team try to capture and promote different locations and freestyle rollers across Canada. This time they decided to tour the East coast of Canada. Starting from Toronto and driving 7,000 KM across Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Featuring skating by Leon Basin, AJ Delong, Danny Beer, Mathieu Ledoux and many guests. Please join us this weekend to witness the priceless moments you can only get out of a skating roadtrip with good friends. Task Around 2010 is filled with enough creative skating, laughing, smiling, driving, and eating to make you feel very proud to be a freestyle roller after you are done watching this film. So please join us July 30, 2010 4pm MDT @ BE-MAG.com for the official worldwide online premiere of Task Around 2010. Enjoy fellow rollers!

Here is a first eye candy trailer for the video: