‘Supervillains’ by Peter Bender

Write-up by Peter Bender 

I recently started studying film & photography at the FH-Mainz and really hoped to have the opportunity to work with real film instead of digital because we are all tired of seeing so much DSLR-footage these days. People are going backwards and start filming with VX2100’s again which is pretty cool in my opinion. However, my edit is entirely filmed digitally with Canon DSLRs and my Glidecam and still came out pretty good.

The video features skating by Dominik Wagner, Bart Laubsch, Tim Wolff, Jochen Smuda, Andre Lepszy, Konstantin Dietz, Tobias Fischer, and Patrick Ridder. Shot on location in Berlin, Mainz, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg, and Bad Kreuznach.

Thanks to Thomas Wolf and Dennis Volkmar whom where involved with the graphic animation and the music, as well as all my buddies for their badass blading. And my girlfriend, of course!

-Peter Bender