Spotlight – Online Video

Eike Loest from Germany made this sweet online video and dropped us some lines to give a little introduction:

Short story to “Spotlight”:

After I had bought my new camera I decided to shoot a longer video than usual. Everything worked fine and we got much good footage. But last month there was a shock. I had to stop filming because my cam was stolen and I hadn´t enough money for a new one. So I decided to start the editing. It was very very much work but as i saw the result i was happy to have made it.



In the “dvd” you can see sections of several skaters from Onsabrück /Germany.

To see the sections just click on the names below:

Kyryl Liman (16)

Eike Loest (16)

Felix Kerrinnes (18)

Joachim Hienzsch (19)



There will be also some copies of the video. If you´re interested to get one please send an email to: [email protected]