Sideshow Rodeo: Exclusive Insight

Text and edits by Jamie Olmstead

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Sideshow Rodeo is a project that stemmed from a very small idea. As many ideas do, it all started through a seemingly inconsequential conversation about doing things that had never been done that would not only be unique, but extremely entertaining. After a few weeks of sporadic deliberation and a few exchanges with the fine people at Be-Mag, “Sideshow” had gone from fantasy to reality. It was time to get nasty. 

Sideshow Rodeo – Trailer from Sideshow Rodeo on Vimeo.

Adam Ehalt and the “toe blades” were the first subjects of focus in this endeavor. This idea was essentially the catalyst of the entire project. The guiding light! Our metaphorical “Rudolph” you could even say. Spawning from this way of thinking about the possibilities in blading came the ideas for the fire section and the skateboard section. The skateboard section being a section comprised of tricks that must utilize a skateboard in some fashion. Something that I felt had not been played with enough in blading. The fire section may pretty much speak for itself. A section in which every trick involves fire! However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Anybody can light something on fire and skate on/around it. Although we did get some shots like that, we used a very different and new technology for achieving feats of epic proportion. Including actually setting Michael “Gumby” Braud on fire.

Sideshow Rodeo – Fire Stunt Promo from Sideshow Rodeo on Vimeo.

Other than the theme sections the video includes full profiles on Michael “Gumby’ Braud and David Sizemore. Two of the most entertaining bladers in the world, in my opinion. There are also a grip of montages featuring the likes of Julian Bah, Kevin Dowling, Nils Jansons, Mason Richard, Adam Ehalt, Thomas Martin, Matt Jones, Carson Starnes, Franco Cammayo and more! There is also a very special section in the middle of the video of which information will not be disclosed. However, according to Mushroom Blading master, Joey McGarry, this was the best section in the video. 

Sideshow Rodeo – David Sizemore Promo from Sideshow Rodeo on Vimeo

To say that I am proud of this video is an understatement. It seems to have almost as much of an effect on non-bladers as it does bladers. This is something that I feel is much needed in blading right now. To further prove my point, I have been rollerblading and making videos of it for 16 years. My parents have disapproved and fought it the entire way. They loved this video.

Thanks to all of the soldiers that fought this battle with me and brought an amazing idea to fruition!