Sean Cowen Remz FlowFile v.2

Remz Flowfile v.2 Ft. Sean Cowen, 16yo, from Los Angeles California.

Sean, you been quite active lately. Your last sentence on Flowfile v.1 was “Doing a flowfile to me means the beginning! There’s lots more to come”, and you weren’t kidding: you’re the first one to drop a second official Remz Flowfile, u been killing the LA All Days lately, touring and pulling some show with Dave..
– I’ve been trying to keep as busy as possible with skating lately, Always trying to get more footage for the next edit, or doing skate shows. It’s been tons of fun and really keeps my enthusiasm for the sport up considering there’s not much money to be made. It seems like rollerblading is on the rise right now and I’m just trying to make the most of it.

What happen to you at BCSD, everyone saw your face destroyed!
– BitterCold was a crazy experience this year! It was one of the few out of state contests I had traveled to and definitely the biggest. I was super pumped! I flew in with David Jones, we landed got some food and went to the park, next thing i know I woke up in a hotel room with the worse headache ever! Apparently I had quark 9ed the box and just stayed flat and landed on my grill. I was out for like 20 second, when i came back Jenn from rat tail was nice enough to drive me to the hospital (thanks jenn:)! They did a bunch of tests and ended up keeping me over night because i didn’t know what month it was or where i was. All in all i was ok, With the help of lots of pain medication i was hanging out at the park all weekend. Better luck next time i guess. hahah

Dam. Hey I forgot to ask on your first flowfile, where is your nickname “schmib” coming from?
– Hahah long story, growing up skating at the boys & girls club with Tracy White and Aj Jackson we would always joke around about me being the little guy. i don’t know exactly what shmib means or who exactly came up with it, but it stuck. Haha