Sean Agoliati Remz flowfile

Remz Flowfile Ft. Sean Agoliati, 24yo, from New York NY.

Alright man, tell us a bit about you and how it all started

My name is Sean Agoliati. I’m originally for Poughkeepsie, New York, but I have been living in Manhattan for the past two years. I’m 24 years old and I have been skating for about 8 years. My biggest influences that have impacted my skating are my friends who don’t skate, my parents, Tri-State Skate and Greg Keiffer, and of course Remz.

The greater majority of my closest friends had no idea what skating was really all about until I showed them and they have been fully supportive of my progression and the sport every since. Most think skating is petty radical once they realize how technical and insane this sport can get. My parents rock to say the least. Thanks for dropping all that dinero on skates for me well into my college years and letting me pursue my every interest in life. Greg and TSS have been amazing for the past year or so and I couldn’t be luckier to have such a supportive sponsorship. Lastly, Remz and its ridiculous Team and Flow Team have been a consistent inspiration since I got back into skating in 2004.

I had no idea what Remz was before that date, but I haven’t put another skate on my feet in the past six years and before that I was riding Roces 5th elements back in 1998. My heros: Batman, Robin Hood, who ever it was that invented the inline skate, America, and so many more.

Past and present blade scenes?

My skate scene growing up in Poughkeepsie was real weak to say the least. So I stopped skating from 7th grade, all 5 years all high school, until my Sophomore year of college, when my Lacrosse coach quit and so did I. I went to Wheaton College in Norton, Mass, which was the perfect place to resume my interests in skating after a long hiatus. Mass and RI have great skate scenes, awesome parks, and tons of spots. The New York, New Jersey, Connecticut skate scene is Rad and I’ve enjoyed meeting and skating with everyone here. I skate with pretty much whoever I can out here, because my work schedule and school schedule are constantly robbing me of my skate time. I roll with Jesus Medina, Andrew Chiu, Evan Grimbald, Pat Bernet, Tim Franken, Trent Olans, and a bunch of other dudes. I still do skate mostly by myself unfortunately. New York City literally built 5 skate parks in the past year and are still constructing new parks that are to be finished in the coming months. A few years too late for my generation, but these parks will undoubtedly fuel the next generation of skaters coming from the New York Metropolitan area. Skating park is awesome, but I’m definitely still a little confused about ramps still so I prefer skating street.

You and Remz, what’s the scoop?

Remz have consistently inspired me to keep skating with every skate Kato has dropped since I put on my first Haffey skates in 2005. Remz has some the most amazing riders; Chris Haffey, Connor O’Brien, Mason Richard etc. I mean WTF, what is Mason’s problem. He’s got more tricks than the Trix Rabbit.

Not only are the Remz skates conceptually brilliant but they are also super stylish and have the power to grant someone with no style a little edge up on their steez. They provide the perfect stiffness to flex ratio which confers unmatched skating ability on all obstacles. I wont be riding any other skate in this lifetime and I have effectively converted most of my friends to riding Remz. When Greg Kieffer opened Tri-State Skate shop last year he asked me to ride for the shop and naturally I couldn’t refuse. I figured I would just roll with the opportunity and skate as hard as I could. To be a sponsored skater has always been a personal dream of mine and I have to drop a big thanks to Greg, Kato at Remz, and Mac at Sunshine for getting me a flow sponsorship. A while ago I made a list of things to do in life and now I can officially cross off “Get on the Remz flow team!”

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible for me… Over and out.