Roll Raleigh Radio Show: Take 1

A great new series to come is being kicked off with this great twenty-minute piece. Straight out of Raleigh, rolling is getting showcased on the streets, in the studio with some interviews, and even with a heartfelt cartoon showing the true emotions captured in the scene.  With the help of comedy this episode proves a quality series is on its way. Or, it may just be that when we all aren’t rolling we find ourselves having the same, endless conversations with our friends that amount to nothing. But, isn’t that why we all laugh in the first place? I mean, if we all had a point and motivation we’d probably be wearing suits and running spreadsheets rather than slipping into dirty jeans and skating the abandoned loading docks in our town until a rent-a-cop shows up to kick us out. And, if you understood the rambling that precedes this sentence then you’ll fit right into the groove of Roll Raleigh Radio Show. So, crack open a cold beverage, put your feet up on your mom’s favorite coffee table, and enjoy.