Real Street Contest Stockholm 2010.

Intro and image by Patric Ståhl
Text and edit by Sebastian Cassel

Sweden’s finest rollers met up in Stockholm on the 12th of June to battle it out for the Sweden Street Champion title and some extra cash. Sweden’s rollerblading community is small and therefore there is always a good vibe in the air when we all get together for contests and you get a chance to see your old friends that you don’t see that often.
The weather was terrible and it rained all day but all the people that showed up were in a good mood and it turned out to be a really good contest after all. Thanks to Pat and everyone else for putting it all together and making it happen.
As I said before Sweden’s rollerblading-scene is quite small but worth watching. Expect to see some bigger things from Sweden.

1st Jonny Rösätter
2nd Kenth Ulvedahl
3rd Josef Marnell