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Mushroom Blader Joey McGarry is back at it again with his latest video feature “Flip Flops” documenting the travels of a group of good friends on the west coast of British Columbia.

Video Review by Freddy White
Image Screen Captures by Toe-Bee

Let me say this right away: I love Joey McGarry. I love the man, I love his blading, and I love his video work. With so much love in the air, I think I would propose to Joey if he wasn’t engaged in a relationship with a charming young lady already. That being said, I guess you all know where this review is headed: I just watched Joey’s latest piece entitled Flip Flops, and I absolutely loved it.

Not only is this video edited to perfection, but giving credit where credit is due, I must praise Danny Beer for the filming too. The focus he put on not only getting skate clips, but also capturing the great atmosphere & scenery makes the flick what it is. Not a tricks, and tricks-only video, but a perfect depiction of what it is to be a rollerblader today. What it feels like to be on the road with a group of friends; all different, but all alike in that we share this great passion for this little thing we call blading.

Wandering through the islands of the western Canadian coast, Shop Task crew members all laced some pretty serious tricks in between two laughs. They explored never-seen-before terrain and used all kinds of wheeled tools, including (but not limited to) off-road skates, which makes up for quite a refreshing view. Cast features Eli Vuong, Josh Silver (with an impressive scorpion fall), Taylor Ritchie, Brian Long (and a couple tricks you might have seen in his most recent online profile here), Danny Beer himself and boss man & blade innovator Leon Basin with a few signature moves. Even Hogan The Dog has a cute little section to keep everyone happy and smiling.

What’s innovative with this video is not only how it’s made or what it shows, but also how it is distributed. Flying under the radar compared to bigger productions like Shred 2 or Razors’ Children Of The Future, Shop Task went another route with this release. Available online for a mere $1.99 for anyone with a Paypal account, this flick stands out in all & every aspect. Flip Flops is worth a lot more than the 2 bucks you’ll pay for downloading the video, so in case you haven’t already, stop reading and click the goddam link below ! You will love it too.

Buy it here.

Check out Danny Beer’s Vimeo here.

Here’s a short video from the Shop Task Toronto premier and the results from a local video contest.