Nomades tour update part 2: Hello Madrid!

Story by Xavier Raimbault
Edit by Greg Mirzoyan
Images by
Christophe Baller

We hit up a spot in Madird at the hottest time of the day (the sun in Madrid is a beast). Somehow Madrid surprised us with some amazing spots: perfect rails, places for originals curbs, kinks – from a skater’s point of view – everything you dream of is in Madrid. We even dropped by accidentally on a nice roundabout which was inaugurated by Mathias. We also spent some time at the xbattles’s rails which is the home for dozens of rails, and even a small sweet curb in a kindergarten.


The level of the housing is another story … The hotel that we rented was actually an appartment in the neighborhood of some prostitutes. The first night we ended up being in a prostitute’s bar accidentally. We spend the whole night to go around the block from bar to bar. A funny and expensive experience. The second night was way better: We finally found some normal bars, good atmosphere, and beautiful girls in every corner of the streets.
The three days in Madrid have seemed the be way too short. It’s already time to hit the road for Barcelona.