Nomades tour update part 1: Let’s shred Portugal

Story by Xavier Raimbault
Edit and images by Greg Mirzoyan

Two days on the road to Lisbon, with a stop in Bordeaux. Unfortuanlety, we were unable to skate the famous skatepark because of the rain, but we enjoyed a very warm day. The rain somehow stopped only 50 km before we entered Lisbon. There we sessioned in a magnificent skatepark which is between the ocean and the Street, and close to a perfect rail. The next day, the local scene including Ricardo Lino lead us to some awesome spots. We skated on a paved floor, but the ground was peppered with small beads and stones. We then spend the evening in the hills of Lisbon, at Bario Alto. Difficult to find food, but beer was just 1 euro, and the good atmosphere in the crowded streets of Portugal and the Portuguese made us feel very happy.

Nomades tour 2010 – Lisbone from Greg Mirzoyan on Vimeo.

Third day in Lisbon: We joined the contest of Caiscais and got forced by Ricardo and the whole team to participate, including media. But we don’t regret anything, the riders were super cool, and the park was nice to skate. Mathias has broken the park in 50 seconds, a sudden line of the devil. Last day in Lisbon, we shot a few pictures, and we met local police for trying a gap from a restaurant at the sea: But all ended up well and as I write this we are preparing for the next leg of the tour. Madrid here we come!

Stay tuned for some further updates!