Mushroom Blading Volume 2 Full Video

Mushroom Blading Volume.2 from Joey MCgarry on Vimeo.

Mushroom Blading Volume. 2 follows three old friends(Todd, Dayna and Joey) on an 8 day rollerblading park tour through the visually stunning BC Interior and Okanagan.

“No matter whether you are a physician, student or dope fiend, chances are you’re going to enjoy this film. Three gentlemen and their travels around the land of free health care and Tim Hortons. Front Row Productions has truly made a work of art with the NOW that they live in. Artistically, Mushroom Blading puts any other rollerblade film to shame. Imagine Bruce Browns Endless Summer on acid. Not to mention, some of the most creative rollerblading that I have personally ever seen. I see history unfolding with these guys filmmaking abilities.”

-Randy Edwards

Running Time: 71mins