MME 2 – May PA or Bust – Cameron Card Edit

MME2 – May “PA or Bust” from Cameron Card on Vimeo.

Welcome to the 2nd addition of My Monthly Edits. This month was such a good month for me. Along with all the fun times I had on my blades, I traveled to PA to pick up my fiancee that I’ve been away from for the last 9 months. Thanks to all the friends who helped create all the good times I had. Big ups to Denial for making these edits possible and for me to continue what I love doing. Also my thanks go out to Kato at remz for allowing me to continue having blades on my feet. It’s hard to describe how much I really love to rollerblade… I hope it shows through these edits.

– Cameron Card

Intro Quote Ken Burns, Penn State Graduation Speech 2010 (preformed by Chris Olpin)

Song 1 St. Vincent – The Strangers

Song 2 Timber Timbre – Patron Saint Hunter