Michael Obedoza: Drawing Lines

Introduction by Shannon Rodgers
Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Franky Morales, edited by Erick Rodriguez
Moral support by Chuck Cauton, Earvin Pamintuan, E.J. Navor 

Name: Mike Obedoza

Age: 26 

Hometown: Carson, CA

Occupation: Rollerbanger, Chef, Writer, Pelvic Thruster

Best line-spot you know: Tweedy ledges in Compton (R.I.P.)

Worst encounter while drawing some lines: Clipping a barb wire fence

Best moment in rolling… ever: Winning first place at a Kill or Be Killed street competition in Arizona. Previous K.O.B.K. champs was J.C. Rowe and Dustin Latimer

If you had a time machine, when and where would you travel? To the future, so I can use hover blades. The blade that can float over water

Favorite kitchen utensil and why: Cleaver. I like to destroy and this knife cuts through bones   

What would you do for $10,000? I wouldn’t do much, it’s a mill that’d be ill

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen: Putting shoes into blades

Worst date you’ve ever been on: Can’t say I have had a bad date. But, I can say it got bad after I found out she had a boyfriend

Top 3 places you want to visit next: Barcelona, Spain. Vine St., Australia, anywhere in South America

What do you don’t like about yourself? Anxiety, impatient and attention deficit disorder

Your plans for the future: Draw some more lines with white blades