Lausanne Street and Bowl 2010 Edit

Lausanne Street & Bowl 2010 from RemiX UH44 on Vimeo.

Lausanne Street & Bowl 2010 contest seen through the eyes of Sven , Randy, Dick, Domo and Remy. Including some bowlskating , a football match , and some street skating. This is a documentation of our RB road trip. Enjoy!

– Remy Cadier

Skaters featured (not all actually skating haha):
Remy Cadier
Toto Ghali
Vins Isaac
Tom Ahlqvist
Randy Abels
Sven Boekhorst
Dick Heerkens
David Sizemore
Rob Guerrero
Anthony Avella
Wilfried Rossignol
Dominic Beck
Maxime Genoud
Jair Smidse
Donny Straube
Wiboud De Boorder
Jeremy Suarez
Jean Jean Chanet