Introducing Will Cosgrove, Connor O’Brien and Tyler Hester by A Chosen Few (part 3)

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Text and edits by Quinn Feldmann

It’s easy to find good skaters, it’s hard to find great skaters and it’s nearly impossible to find great skaters that are determined enough to do A Chosen Few section or profile. These skaters who you will see updates from over the next week or so are all the skaters doing sections or profiles for ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. Each skater was very carefully chosen to do one of these sections or profiles. No skaters section or profile will be released until it has reached the Chosen Few Standard which is set dangerously high. I want every skater who has a Chosen Few section or profile to do something big for their skate career. I also want them to remember this section above all others and make sure that they know if they can conquer a Chosen Few section or profile they can conquer anything.


Will Cosgrove
Will Cosgrove is doing a Chosen Few profile for the simple reason that he is just really good. Will really hasn’t had the coverage he deserves. He can skate the biggest stunt to the smallest ledge and always pounds out amazing clips. Will Cosgrove is with out a doubt holding down the Sacramento scene and after this Profile he will be an even more known face of the rolling world.

Connor O’Biren
Connor O’Brien is Connor O’Brien and everyone knows what that means. He comes out with the best sections in the world, because he is one of the best skaters in the world.

Tyler Hester
Tyler Hester: Began his Chosen Few section about 6 months ago and it is almost finished. This section will showcase the best Tyler Hester skating to date. This kid can skate it all and he does it with some smooth gangster style. One of the great think about tyler is he does what he wants and doesn’t really pay attention to anyone else. Tyler Hester is going to be a very known name after this section drops.

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