Introducing ‘The Breakfast Club’ – A Video by Cavin Brinkman

Interview & photography by Bojd Vredevoogd

First things first, how did you come up with name ‘Breakfast Club’?

In the very beginning, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the skate film ‘Breakfast Club’ to be. After seeing the original movie countless of times, I got the idea of doing a similar story line in a skate film, or at least aspects of it. As you know, the movie is about five kids having to deal with each other and becoming the best of friends at the end of it. What I’ve done for this project, is take five skaters with completely different personalities from very different parts of Holland, and bring them together on a very regular basis to create a new group of skate friends. The thing about the Dutch skate scene is that every city has their own little clique and style. I am trying to bring all these styles and personas together under one umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh, and name them ‘The Breakfast Club’.

Who is featured in ‘The Breakfast Club’?

I am making five sections. First in line are Frank Knop and Wim Geurink, two of my favorite Dutch rollers that I go way back with. To be honest, to whole idea for the movie starting with these guys, since I’ve been wanting to shoot profiles of them for years now. ‘Breakfast Club’ is a great way of finally achieving that goal. Next up is Timmy van Rixtel, the crazy bastard from Helmond, in the south of Holland. He rides flow for Rollerblade and this is more than deserved. Timmy will definitely bring some fucking hammers to the table, but will undoubtedly surprise family and friends with his unique trick vocabulary as well. Number four is Marnix ‘Suppermossels’ Haak. I lived with this dude for five years in Hilversum, doing not much but partying, fucking around and skating/filming – mainly in the middle of the night. We know each other well enough to know exactly what we want from each other when skating and filming.  We have a completely mutual trust. I hope this will reflect in his profile. The last section was planned for a skateboarder called Jeroen Koster from the 035, but due to a fucked up ankle he had to bail, but expect a special ‘035 road rash bonus section’ in the video. For this last section, it didn’t take me long to find an alternative. Robin Bosgra, the young up-and-comer from Ede Wageningen, mid-Holland, has a very special, clean style and insane tricks that the world needs to see. That’s the complete line-up right there. Of course there will be montages with the illest tricks from every Dutch skater you’d expect to see in a skate film.

What can we expect from the skating in the movie?

The skating is going to be different. I don’t have any inspirations as far as professional skaters or styles. I just feel a great need to showcase what these particular guys have to offer. Each and every one of them has a completely unique style and trick vocab, and this will go to show in the film. The balance is great as well, if you look at Robin who is great with gaps and handrails, while skaters like Frank and Marnix are creative to the bone. Timmy wrecks any rail he fancies and Wim has control over everything he wants to do. Just expect some tricks as well as spots you’ve not seen in any film before. More importantly, you will see all these guys come together as the movie plays on, showing what a simple hobby like skating is really able to bring about.

Let’s talk about the soundtrack. The 1985 movie had an epic soundtrack, we expect the same from your version.

Hell yeah! My movie will exclusively feature music from that very year, ’85. Whatever was hot back then will be hot in my movie. Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Pop – anything goes. Music was so much better back then anyway, so it was a great ride to find the right music for the film. Fuck Kanye West.

You have been filming skaters for over 15 years. How is your filming different from all your previous work?

When filming a DVD, I become much more of a perfectionist. Every shot counts. I film a lot for online edits and second angles, but when it comes to filming a movie, the challenge is much greater. I know this from filming for other movies in the past, like LOMP, and Aorta. And also the Dutch inline cult movie Pindakaas, produced by legendary Steffen Haars, a.k.a. Robbie New Kids. When filming for these movies, I really got to feel like a director, more than just a filmer. With the Breakfast Club, this is more the case than ever. I often demand my rollers to do a perfect clip again, to get that second angle myself. Also, being an oldschool skater myself, I have a lot of ideas and inspiration to give my skaters. Luckily, all the members in my Breakfast Club are simply great at meeting those demands. This is by far my favorite skate project yet, where I am 100% in control myself, rather than lending a helping hand to others. The one other movie I made myself was ‘Concrete Jungle’, released 12 years ago. So it was about fucking time for a new one!

So how is the progress coming along? When can we expect the real Breakfast Club on our television- and computer screens?

Progress is being made! We have been filming for some five months now, and as we are going into summer now, I am expecting muchos filmos. It has been quite a productive few months already, but due to some injuries and bad weather, it’s been a slow last month. But my boys are recovering fast, and the Valo and Rollerblade boots have been spotted on their feet again. We are going to film all summer long, doing barbecues, romantic walks on the beach, talking about feelings and maybe do some skating every now and then. It’s going to be off the heezay. The film should be ready early 2012, and I am secretly aiming for a special premiere at a special event. Early 2012 is the date! Bitch your breakfast!