Introducing Anthony Gallegos, Anthony Armstrong and Josh Letona by A Chosen Few (part 2)

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Text and edits by Quinn Feldmann

It’s easy to find good skaters, it’s hard to find great skaters and it’s nearly impossible to find great skaters that are determined enough to do A Chosen Few section or profile. These skaters who you will see updates from over the next week or so are all the skaters doing sections or profiles for ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. Each skater was very carefully chosen to do one of these sections or profiles. No skaters section or profile will be released until it has reached the Chosen Few Standard which is set dangerously high. I want every skater who has a Chosen Few section or profile to do something big for their skate career. I also want them to remember this section above all others and make sure that they know if they can conquer a Chosen Few section or profile they can conquer anything.

Anthony Gallegos
Anthony Gallegos can skate anything and everything but he always gives it his own unique twist. Even on a huge stunt he will still skate it in a unique and original way that no one else ever expects. He has been filming this profile for over a year now and it would have been out a while ago but during our last days of filming he broke his ankle. So we could either have put the profile out how it was or we could wait and make it as amazing as we planned. what do you think we did?

Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong is a name you have probably never heard but that is going to change very soon. This incredible skater comes out of long beach and has been killing it for a while now, he just hasn’t been noticed and I can’t figure out why. I mean a dude who can do an olympic gymnastics routine in a random parking lot always should get some attention.

Josh Letona
Josh Letona is name everyone knows. He still to this day does tricks on massive rails that no one else has ever even done on a p-rail. Josh is loved and hated by so many but he is watched by all. I love Letona’s skating personally but what I even love more are the people that hate it so much that their addicted to watching it. So the great think is that Josh’s section will not disappoint anyone.