iMagyneThat.Com Presents IRollNY C.O.W # 26

iMagyneThat.Com Presents IRollNY C.O.W # 26 from Joseph Perez on Vimeo.

The rushed project for this weeks C.O.W for IRollNY took place during a Lets Roll NY Session yesterday at pier 62. Thanks to all that showed up and the talents of Rafael Herrera,Tim Franken,Ramelle Knight,Will Torres and Hector Rodriguez that got some great clips and threw down for this weeks edit. We are heavily promoting our upcoming video ”Fitted” That will feature sections on Rafael Herrera,Tim Franken,Ramelle Knight,Trevor Johnson and Dan Bruer. Thanks to Craig from IROLLNY for helping us show NY what were made of and also thank you for being the leading source of NY FreeRolling. It dont get any better than this.

– Joseph Perez