‘Here We Are’ – Barcelona Trip Photos and Leftover Edit

‘Here We Are’ – The Leftover

Interview & article by Georg Rokita
Photography by Nils Loester, Felix Strosetzki & Georg Rokita 

But anyways, ‘Here We Are’-producer Benjamin Büttner has his own mind about filming and he does what he likes to do. His friends Denis Wolf, Patrick Dreßler, Jojo Jacobi and Georg Rokita were always down for skating and getting cool clips. So the idea was born to make a movie about a couple friends that share the same leisure time activity: Rollerblading 

Rolling brought them together and is one of the main reasons for who they are today. They have an enviable close connection that needed to be captured on film.

The movie project is not a succession of skating clips. Benjamin from Dresden, Germany is not even interested in doing a typical showcase of rollerblading. ‘Here We Are’ is more focused on the friendship which has developed because of the activity of skating.

So these five guys felt the need to go on an adventure. The destination was set to Barcelona, Spain. Sun, perfect climate and a city built for skating. They spend one week in BCN-paradise and raced down hills, skated some of the greatest spots in the world and enjoyed theirselves. 

Let’s see what Benjamin Büttner has to tell us about his project!

Hey Benny, let’s hear something about the movie you are working on, please!

It started all off with the idea of filming a regular Rollerblading-DVD a couple years ago. It was always a dream for me, to hold a disk in my hand with all the memories I would be proud of. But something was always clear: my project needed to be oriented absolutely different from the general Rollerblading-Community. But how? I was thinking a lot and so I picked up the idea of doing a regular motion picture. A movie what transports the feeling of love for the sport. Going out skating for years  and decades.

Rollerblading is generally about love. People you meet though Rollerblading they stick out to become your real friends. Love for all the aspects and memories and experiences rollerblading has to offer. Love to all conditions in life they just related close to Rollerblading. All this things had such a big impact on every individual in the group, but made everybody in the ‘Here We Are’ crew who they are today. That is pretty much what needed to be captured on film.

You went to Barcelona in the beginning of May. What was the reason for this trip?

On the one hand it was a wonderful opportunity to spend a relaxed week long vacation together. And on the other hand, of course, to enjoy the weather, architecture and the possibility to get more footage for the project.

Is there anything on your list what needs to be done before the movie is published in Fall 2011?

Ending the script, filming whole story, completing profiles, planning premiere and distribution, organizing my life. Anything else?

Anything I haven’t asked?

Of course! Visit the ‘Here We Are’ facebook-fanpage for updates about the film. And check out the latest ‘Here We Are’-leftover edit!


‘Here We Are’ – Trailer 1: 

‘Here We Are’ – Trailer 2: