Greg & Ben in the USA

Greg & Ben in USA – 1st stop: San Francisco
Being on Tour for 10 days without really knowing cities has been quite an experience, Ben and I went to the USA for a tour, using our skates to move around the cities and discover the place in our own way. Starting off in San Francisco, we had a lot of fun skating around the streets since the center isn’t that big for a US city and of course the funniest part was bombing down the hills!!! We stayed 3 days in SF and I think the only thing we were not prepared for was the wind (sometimes pretty cold) especially since we came to the states with our summer clothes… We also got kicked out from the financial district a few times but that’s it, the rest of the time was great and we sure left some polyurethane at the bottom of those hills! The idea behind this video (and the 3 others which will follow during this month) is to show the travel/adventure as we experienced it ourselves… differently than usual! Hope you will enjoy this first episode.