Full DVD “PS” online

Head over to Instant-Annee’s vimeo page to view the full DVD. Check out Mathieu Heinemann’s profile right here. As usual he comes up with some serious hammers – straight in your face!

Profil Mathieu Heinemann DVD “P.S.:” from INSTANT-ANNEE on Vimeo.

We recently featured an article about “Traitement” which is a new film project (in cooperation with Be-Mag) by Jonas Hansson. This film will feature an ensemble of international rollerbladers and Mathieu Heinemann is one of the guys that will have a full profile on this film. Check out this clip of Heinemann which was shooted in Paris during a one week Traitement-shooting some weeks ago.

Traitement Heinemann teaser clip from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.