Fragmented Networks Interview

Text by Stuart Kinghorn
Pics by Geoff Davies, Stuart Kinghorn, Ivan Narez and Dan Chapman

Fragmented networks is shot mainly on Sony FX7 cameras, we also had the opportunity to market it as the first rollerblading DVD from the UK shot fully in HD. Everything about the video was created in our flat, working long hours into the night with no end in sight for the most part. Capturing, editing, marketing, pre orders and sales were all done through two macbook pros set up back to back. We are just two ordinary guys who have rollerbladed all our lives and wanted to make something to fill what we perceived to be a forming gap on the UK DVD owners shelf. We had no support from ‘the industry’ for promotion or backing like some videos are afforded, everything was put up out our own pockets from equipment to travel costs to a marketing plan. We hope this video will get you juiced before a session and if you too are just a normal everyday rollerblader perhaps inspire you that you can put yourself out there too and make things happen. It is a great feeling logging onto store websites from around the world and seeing our product for sale there, so, if you have desire and passion for something you are creating we urge you to also follow it through and push your product or idea out there, not just in rollerblading but in life too.

Interspersed within our interview answers is footage collected since completion of the DVD from random sessions and the Chaz invitational. The interview was shot at various locations in Nottingham as we tried to bring a fresh approach to answering the questions about Fragmented Networks.

Myself and Geoff would like to thank everyone who believed in us from the start, the skaters involved, the shops who bought copies and mostly the skaters who bought it.

To order copies mail: [email protected]