FootageTape Ep.3 – Puerto Rico with Julian Bah, Robert Guerrero and a old-school posterboy shredder

This is top notch content coming straight from Jamie Olmstead and Kevin Downling. In this episode Jamie and Kevin take you on a 10-day trip to Puerto Rico – accompanied by star-studded cast including Robert Guerrero, Julian Bah, Jon Ortiz, Ariel Suran, and locals Hector “Tato” Gonzalez, Rafy Cruz and old school legend Abdiel Colberg.

The people’s hospitality, the food, the skate spots and many more things made this trip obviously to something unique. In addition to this, it seems like Puerto Rico has a strong scene with some really talented and a dedicated skateshop.

To put in a nutshell: This is an episode which needs to be processed by your eyes.

FootageTape Ep. 3 – Puerto Rico from FootageTape on Vimeo.