Do You Skate? – Music Video

This is exactly how I felt about the project “Do You Skate?” The entire experience was one serendipitous puzzle piece falling perfectly in place with the next. Some by coincidence, but most by sheer problem solving effort the project built momentum and became a collaborative video production piece somewhere between a skate edit and music video. The piece was specifically made for a younger generation You Tube audience. It was one of the most fun and exciting projects I have worked on since becoming involved with video production. Oh, and working with a total babe who skates was great too!

– Nick Uhas

This is the music video/ rollerblading video Nick produced and mixed the music for:

And here you can view the journey of making the music video “Do You Skate?”:


Nick Uhas “Going For Pro”
-producer, writer, skater

-filmer, editor