Daniel Prell USD Carbons 2010 Edit

2x 0.5 days with the new USD carbon limited – watch in HD from Daniel Prell on Vimeo.

When I wrote the article about the new Usd carbon limited (if you havnt seen it its danielll.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/usd-carbon-limited-test/) I promised to come up with an edit. “Unfortunately” we filmed the edit with my new canon eos 7d and I had only 1 battery. As a result we ran out of battery at the second spot. So instead of a “my first day with the new carbon limited edit” I decided to make a “my first 2 (1/2) days with the new carbon limited edit”. My mate basti filmed and took pictures the same time. Well enough text, check the edit and if you feel like, let me know what you think about the result. feedback is welcome.