Damien Wilson – “Fester” Promo

Text by Damien Wilson

All of us had battled through many injuries throughout the video and put up with other personal shit. ‘Fester’ is now coming to a completion and about to wrap up. We have all noticed the lack of effort and quality in skate films over the last couple of years and wanted to come out with something of professional quality and standard. This I hope will help raise the bar as to where the level of professional skate films should be from here on.

This is a project that I am extremely proud to not only be a part of, but also head up from the beginning. The idea was to get together a group of “men” that skate. I feel our sport has taken a turn for the worst over the last couple of years. A lot of people have taken to trends that only confirms that long lasting suspicion that “Rollerbladers” are gay.

I find it weird that it is so easy for our sport to be quickly swayed to follow “quick to come/quick to go” trends set by other sports, mainly skateboarding. The idea set behind this video (besides phenomenal skating) is that through all trends that come and go, there is one that may not be the most pronounced, but is equally respected by all trends at anytime, by anyone of any sport. It is being a badass man.

Being able to use your hands to build. Being able to blend without breaking your character. The ability to skate how you always have and impress all categories of skaters within your sport. Such as hip hop, rock, emo, hippies, etc… The ability to be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished at anytime to anyone.

This is a video full of men (not boys) who have lives outside of skating who are real men respected by all around them. Some of us build houses, cut down trees, do stunt work, dig ditches, barbecue, hunt, shoot guns, ride motorcycles, etc… All the things that make a man badass. I hope that this project will help anyone who is struggling with their identity, (which by a lot of these edits online, there is quite a bit) become more comfortable and find their badassness which will then shine through their skating and ultimately make our sport look more original and secure in what we do.

The line up for the video includes Nick Wood, Joey Chase, Jon Jon Bolino, Lyle Shivak, Mathieu Ledoux, Casey “CORN NUT” Mc Farland and myself. It will contain contributing footage from all the best pros in the industry and many working their way to the top.

The planned release of the video is May of 2011. I am sure that everyone will enjoy it!

270° Royale to 270° alleyoop wall kick to 270° out

Bank to rocket 360° over the double rails

Roll to gap to wall ride to fakie

Bank to hand plant, mute, 450° out

Thumbs up

Out in Las Vegas filming for the Ground Control video