Check in with CJ Wellsmore

Interview by Oliver Nermerich
Pics by Kato Mateu and Dominic Swagemakers
Edits by Kato Mateu and Dom West

Hey CJ, where are you right now?
Strasbourg (France) for the NL Contest though off to Niort tomorrow to chill for a week before heading to Marseille for another contest.     

What was the last thing you did before we started this interview?
Went for a swim across the boarder into Germany

Ok, it looks like you turn everything topsy-turvy here in Europe. First you won the Chaz Sands Invite! Then you got second at the FISE and at the NL5 in Straßbourg. Did you already realize what you have accomplished here?
Haha It actually has not set in yet. My whole trip has been so fast passed that i haven’t let myself chill / tranquille for even a minute. This week is rest time so I’m sure it will hit me what i’ve accomplished 🙂

Remz 2010 England Tour (+Fise) part 2 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Was it your first time in Europe? And what makes Europe so different (or not so different) from Australia?

First time in Europe. Loving every second. Im a big fan of history so when seeing how old everything is just blows my mind. I have to say I love the French. The women, the food, the culture = perfect. However it’s a bit difficult not knowing the language. Though my French is improving.  

Can you imagine to live here one day? Or is there another place (besides Australia) you wish to live one day?
I know I’m going to marry a French girl and live out here. Maybe not forever because Australia is the shit haha.  

What was your personal highlight of this Europe-tour so (besides your contest results)? Any downsides of the tour?
I would have to say meeting up with all the skaters and being able to party together definitely has been a highlight. On the down side im a bit sapy but I miss my girl.  

From all the contests you visited here in Europe, the FISE was definitely the biggest. How did the spectator-crowd react on the Rollerbladers performance? You guys did a good job representing Rollerblading to the masses? Who else did a great job there?
The crowed at the Fise was so intense. The energy you get when thousands of people are cheering for you is some next level feelings lol. Everyone was killing it. We all went out the night before though it didn’t slow anyone down for the comp. The Frenchys such as the Romans and Alfano are too good lol. I’d say everyone who competed performed well.

If you could have brought a friend from Australia to join you on this trip. Who would that be?
My small hot funky girlfriend 🙂

What do you do for living back in Australia? Are you still going to school? And when you get back, what’s the first few things you have to take care about?
In Australia I get the witness the rollerblading industry first hand. I work in a skate shop. Skater hq.  There I teach kids how to skate. Through skater hq we also do skate parties for kids. So I have the opportunity to get everyone of the kids on blades. So rewarding. I live in a house with 5 of the best skaters in Australia Vine st baby where we hit it hard and get amongst it haha. We are currently working on a vid so when I get back I’m going to be lacing some hammers for it.

Vine St Preview from Dom West on Vimeo.

What kind of person you are? Do you live for the moment? Or did you already pre-plan your life for the next few years? And if you are a pre-planer what has been planned? 

It’s dangerous but I live the now. I dont plan anything i just do it when it comes. E.g. I came to Europe with no money no idea what i was going to do or how to get there. It has planned out perfectly 🙂

When I watch your skating, I can see a lot of energy and power in it. Is that something that’s restricted to your skating. Or do you also pursue your objectives (apart from skating) with the same extent of energy and power?
Im a very passionate person so I like to succeed in everything life throws at me…

Considering your skating-career and last year’s WRS-Ranking, you belong to the top 5 Skaters in this world. My question now: How did you manage to get up there. Talent or hard work? How much time do you spend on skating each week? 

Its a pretty cool standing haha. Ive been on skates for a fair few years. Since 1995 I’ve had blades on. I guess you could say I’ve put in a fair few miles to make it. I skate 3 days a week. and will do for as long as my body will let me…

Is there any new trick you are working on currently?
How to skate a down rail. They scare the shit out of me lol.

You might have seen Haffey doing his double flat spin at the Nitro Circus Show. Have you ever thought about doing this trick as well?
Hell yeah. I would love to huck it. I really would love to have the opportunity to skate a mega ramp.

Remz 2010 England Tour (+Fise) part 4 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

You have been to England and France. What’s the next leg of your Europe tour? Any specific locations you are especially looking forward too? 
Who knows. I’m in Europe and Europe is my oyster. Barcelona is a must do. So i think i’ll head that.
Cheers Cj