Brian Aragon, Chaz Sands, Stefan Horngacher, Edwin Wieringh at the Grindhouse Meet and Greet session in Duisburg (Germany)

Story by Maik Lojewski
Images by Sven Schillings
Raw clips by Oliver Nermerich

As the Razors Team has been on tour for quite a while they have been very tired, but as Brian told me that this park was the best park they hit up during the tour they seemed to have had activated their last energy ressources and showed – not only the kids and the older skaters – but also the TV cameras, that they deserve to live the Pro lifestyle. Brian and Edwin killed everything with ease while Chaz used the quater to bank hip to show how good his mistyflips and corkscrews are. As you know Horn he was quite busy looking for a nice desaster to grind which he wanted to accomplish. So he did.



Brian and the others gave autographs to the kids and made everyone very happy with their cool, chilled down to earth characters and everything was just perfect, the park wasn’t that crowded with rollerbladers as at the rolltogether #5 session, but the kids had a meeting with their stars and idols. The sun was shining, good tricks were pulled, the weather was perfect, Grindhouse distributed some goodies and the fact that we had that huge music box at the skatepark was just the cherry on the cake.

Talking about tricks that were pulled, here you can see Amsterdam’s finest warming himself up at a small ledge:


Check out some of Sven’s best shots here:

Grindhouse rider Maik Lojewski skating with style

German TV shooting Brian Aragon

Horn giving an interview for one of Germany’s largest newspapers

Brian Aragon signing shoes, shirts and other stuff

Edwin and Brian enjoying the chilled atmosphere at the Rheinpark Skatepark in Germany

Daniel Koopmann: Proud to be a Rollerblader!

Also make sure you visit the WDR-website to view the feature they broadcasted on German TV.