“Blood, Sweat and Tears” Preview from ‘Fester’

Written by Nick Wood

When you watch this it’s easy to see who takes it the hardest. Growing up with Lyle we thought he could literally feel no pain or he had mental problems. Turned out it was both. But after ten years plus in this industry, seeing the best of the best and the toughest of the tough, Joey Chase is not a human. He can not be hurt or broken, it is shocking. UFC fighters are afraid of Joey. Casey can’t be fazed either. His young bones can take more than mine ever could. In this fall preview you don’t see Bolino too much. That’s because he does not fall. Yah, he is that good. 

This is just the most interesting falls, wait till you see all the landings. Look out for ‘Fester’ dropping very soon. Shit’s gonna be real bad!

-Nick Wood