Text by Marnix Haak
Photography by Cavin Brinkmann 

The sun was rising, a new day was born. We kept heading North, ignoring the empty feeling in our bones. Very soon we will not notice it anymore.

A pregnant woman far away ran after us, while screaming loud in Spanish. Because of San Juan, the whole beach was full of drunk, knocked-out and sleeping people. The screaming was just one of many sounds that morning, decorating the beautiful view. After walking through the sand for 5 hours, and being awake for more than 24 hours, there was nothing left to talk.

We just walked and observed.

The woman came closer and closer, screaming louder and louder. When Eric, strolling a meter behind us, told us it looked like she was running after us, we talked for the first time after an hour of walking. We all asked Martin, the only one of us who understands and speaks Spanish well, what she was yelling about.

„Something about a diaper…“ he said, reason enough for Joery to ignore it and walk on. „She must be insane, come on guys, let’s go, we were just making some good progress.“

Eric started laughing, pointing at the diaper hanging on Joery’s bare feet. The peaceful, quiet atmosphere was immediately gone. „NEUKENDE KUTKOLERE“ he cursed, trying to kick the diaper of his feet.

„Why did he not noticed that diaper before? And why is the woman acting so hysterical on a dirty, old and fully pooped diaper?“ I wondered myself, while giggling about the brown poopmarks, which now scattered all over his pants.

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Joery van de Pol

Martin van Drunen

Eric van Boven

Marnix Haak 


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