Alex Cebrian: Remz Flowfile


More Info about Alex Cebrian via youtube:

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My full name is Alex Cebrian Turegano, I’m 13 years old and I have been skating for 3 years now. I am sponsored by The Crazy House and I ride Flow for Remz in Spain. My hero is Chris Haffey, I had the opportunity to meet him last year in Valencia, Spain, when he came with Kato, Franky and Jacob Juul.

How is blading for you in Spain, the comps, what’s fun for you about it all?
I try to skate everyday, at least one or two hours, most of the time with the VLC Crew. I started competing last year and since then I have attended the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Picaroll, Sinkatana 2009, Madroll 2010, VLC Open 2010. I most enjoyed the VLC Open 2010 and the Madroll 2010, I finished 1st in Amateur at both events.

You’re obviously a serious up-and-comer at 13 years old but how did this sponsor deal happen for you, and why did you choose Remz?
First I bought a pair of Remz. I liked them so much that when I destroyed them I bought another Remz skates. Then after winning the VLC Open, Ferdy approached me and asked that I become part of the Remz Flow team through The Crazy House shop in Valencia. I love how Remz fits on your feet, it lets u do movements like no other skate. Being on the Remz team means everything to me, it’s where I want to be. And having my video on the website will let the world know my name and my skating. I would like to thank my sponsors and the VLC Crew, and my family for pushing me all the time.