ACHOSEN-FEW.COM UK Competition Promo feat. Tyler Hester

Write-up by Quinn Feldman

The Milton Keynes Real Street Comp is going to take place in Milton Keynes England on Saturday June 18th starting at the famous Bus station ledges at 12:30 pm. The UK is one of my favorite places I have ever been to skate. There are so many talented bladers out there with so many different types of style and skill. I felt like a street competition in the UK was a must. There are also so many younger kids in the UK that probably have never seen a street competition or even know they exist. That is why Loco skates is helping us spread the word and try to make sure this street comp is on everyones to do list. They also honestly have some sick spots to skate.

So with the help of Nicky Shand we were able to put something together. I will be heading out there for this competition which I am looking very much forward to. It is going to be awesome to see the up n comers and UK legends battle it out this year at the Chosen Few Milton Keynes Real Street Comp. Hope to see you there!

-Quinn Feldman