3rd stop Mind the Gap – World On Wheels 12.09.2010

Last Sunday was scheduled for the Mind the gap 2010 tour finals in collaboration with World on Wheels in the city centre of Eindhoven. The course was setup on the Saturday during a beautiful day. Nothing could go wrong…

Unfortunately Sunday was a huge downer for the riders and organisation. The rain came poring down for the whole day, it was impossible to do the Mind the Gap finals during the day. 

The two highlights of the rainy day were: a small session in the kiddie course with David Sizemore killing even the smallest obstacles together with Dutch bladers like Dick Heerkens, Orveo Macdonald and the local skate team/teachers.

At around 17:30 the sky opened up and even the sun touched the Mind the Gap setup. A small rail session started with Dick Heerkens and Orveo Macdonald, the audience at the spot were surprised by the enthusiastic session. 

Within no time Guillaume Le Gentil (FR), David Sizemore and Jelle Briggeman joined in. Jelle amazed everyone with a sick wallride on the wall of an bicycleparking to top soul. Too bad the day and permission ended at 18:00.

Special thanks too Gunco.nl/ for height perspective footage. Check them out for renting heightworkplatform in the Netherlands.

The organisation of Mind the Gap decided not to end Mind the Gap 2010 without the final it deserves. We have decided to schedule a new stop for the finals. 

The final will be held on Sunday September 26th in Rotterdam, yes we’re going back like the years before. An addition to the course will be the concrete skatepark at the location of Sportplaza Zuiderpark. So don’t forget and:

RE:Mind the Gap finals 2010

Schedule for 26.09.2010

1st round – 15:20

2nd round – 16:30

final round – 18:00