Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill of the Jump Street Podcast are back with their newest episode featuring one of the most important figures in the long history of blading, the iconic Azikiwee Anderson!

The blading masses have been quite vocal in their desire to have Jump Street feature the legendary Azikiwee on the show and their prayers have finally been answered! In the episode Azikiwee touches on the years of his professional skating career as well as his many contributions behind the scenes of the inline industry. Azikiwee takes us down memory lane where he talks about what led to him managing and running the successful skateshop D-Structure, as well as his entrepreneurial work for his brand Able frames and also ground breaking work with Rollerblade.

Azikiwee also speaks on what prompted the creation of the game changing I.M.Y.T.A competitions as well touches on his experience being a black youth in a primarily white-driven sports culture and explains how our community is unique and champions individuality and diversity.

If there ever was a podcast that you NEED to watch, this is certainly it! So peep it!

Here are some excerpts from the full episode:

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