Steve Steinmetz: One Minute One Spot

I called up a few people to get a session together at 12 the next day but nobody could skate. I was juiced though and I had the day off. So I set out on my own with my tripod, camera, broom, and wax. I did this edit on my own filming, editing and skating.

Quoting Nick Wood:
“Steve Steinmetz, the “New Spot Steve”, named for obvious reasons, is the guide on the north coast of San Diego and if you hook up with him he is very generous with his spots.”

Intro by Steve Steinmetz and Nick Wood
Edit by Steve Steinmetz

1. Name: Steve Steinmetz
2. Age: 27
3. Hometown: Los Altos, CA, Currently: Encinitas, CA
4. Sponsors: none
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: WRS 2009 was crazy Las Vegas.
6. Best contest results so far: none
7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best:  crazy, weird, medicated
8. Current set-up: Custom Razors Icons 2s, Jug liners, GC Formula 1 frames, Damien Wilson M1 wheels, vicious bearings.
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Nick Wood Pee pee skate jam
10. Good advice you’ve been given:  If something is too hard to do, then it’s not worth doing.
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Fell snowboarding when I was grinding this box. Ended up in the ICU for 5 days just before Christmas. Couldn’t skate for 3 months and I was fired from a job due to the injury.    
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Moving to San Diego to finish college.
13. A place you really want to travel to next: Italy or Spain
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favorite spot: Friends from my past that don’t skate anymore or can’t skate anymore due to injuries.
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Edwin “From Hell” Wieringh