Paco Rey: One Minute One Spot

Edit by Marc ‘Enanoh’ Moreno
Pics by Bea Conde-Corbal

Name: Paco rey
Age: 25 años
Hometown: Valencia-Spain
Sponsors: nimh
Favorite skate event: Winterclash
Current set-up : oli short with jug liners, billy o’neill street artist wheels, ground control frames and vicious bearings
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Jon Bolino in too much love II
Good advice youve been given: believe and trust in yourself to achieve anything you want
Bad habit: no stretching before skating
Worst injury so far: broken ligaments
One thing you would spent one million dollar/euro for: building a skate city
One thing that makes you really angry: dumb ass skateboarders
Reasons to smile: skating
Your favorite skater from back in the day: Brian Shima and Dustin Latimer
Skater of the year so far: Bolino