One Minute, One Spot with Erik Bill

1. Full name: Erik Andrew Bill
2. Age: 22
3. Hometown: Boise, Idaho
4. Sponsors: Razors, Sunshine, Newt & Harolds
5. Favorite Trick: Mono-rolls and wallrides for sure.

One Minute, One Spot with Erik Bill from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

6. Favorite skate event: Plain old TNS at Rhodes Skatepark.
7. Your top three skate-songs: It’s even tough for me to choose my top three genre’s of music to skate to! All depends on my mood.
8. Current set-up: I’m skating the Bambricks, so far so good!
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: That’s also a tough one, luckily there’s a lot of pretty good content this year! One that comes to mind is It’s Always Sunny in AZ.
10. Good advice you’ve been given: Tuck and roll.
11. Bad habit: Spending too much cash on ps3 games…
12. Three characeristic features that describes you the best: Strong-willed. Loyal. Kind.
13. Place you want to travel to next: Shit, I need to travel to a lot of places. Strange as it sounds, I’ve been meaning to get out to Wisconsin for a while now, maybe I’ll be able to head out there next!
14. Best contest results so far: I just mess around in our local contests. Super fun.