One Minute, One Spot with Dominik Wagner

Filmed by Sascha Krautz
Edit and story by Dirk Oelmann

one minute one spot with Dominik Wagner from dirk oelmann on Vimeo.

Bart Laubsch, Sascha Krautz, Dominik Wagner and me (Dirk Oelmann) met in Berlin Prenzlauerberg last week to have a sweet sesh. We picked up our bikes and started looking for some new spots. Basically we didn´t have a specific spot in mind, so we were just cruising around to find some new playgrounds.

Dominik suddenly remembered a spot he has seen in a skateboard video, so we headed to this spot. Actually, this spot is not a good place to start skating, because this curb ends with an edgy fence. But as you know Dominik, this doesn’t stop him from doing his tricks! Thanks to Sascha for the filming!