One Minute, One Spot: James Giovany Perez

You know… I’ve been around long enough to watch every generation of NYC skaters since day one. And although it doesn’t happen every day, it’s always a pleasure to see a young star like James shine out of the bunch and become one of the leaders of progression in NYC.

It’s easy for me to say that he is an amazing talent, but I think he shines most due to the fact that at his young age he has an incredible respect for the roots and history of blading. You can see that knowledge come out whenever he attacks his target, and its the fucking awesomest thing to watch… I’m always curious to see what he’ll learn next, and basically wish I could do that! Keep shining young G.

Introduction: Jon Ortiz
Camera: Steven Perez and Craig B.
Edit: Craig B.

Name: James Giovany Perez

Age: 21

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

I Roll NY
Tri state skate
Frequency Apparel

Current set up:
Valo light Brandon Smith
Create Original frames (Billy O’Neill + Tri State Skate templates)
Random emergency set of wheels my boy Dave Ngo gave me, because the streets of New York eat mines up.

Best rolling edit of 2012 so far :
Most I Roll NY edits
Austin Paz Create Original (the third installment) pt3
USD in NY – by Matty watky
Beijing sessions -by Richie Eisler
David Sizemore 2012 WRS uploaded

Bad habit: I bite my nails.

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: HAHA I could dance (well now everyone knows)!

Your mother always said: Always say a prayer because God will bless those who wait… I believe her to the fullest.

Skater of the year: Personally I would say Jon Julio for airing Blading Cup 2012 on Fox sports, and for creating a blading game (Blading the game)… I think what he is doing for the skate community is great and keeps innovating the game. If I could say one thing to him is to keep killing it and our sport is lucky to have him. Enough said.

Craziest moment in skating: When I broke my ankle in the Brooklyn banks and I took a cab from the banks which is located in Manhattan to my house in Brooklyn. After the mission I went to the hospital. Haha crazy times man!!

Favorite gadget: My camera!

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