Giorgio Oehlers: One Minute, One Spot

– Martin van Drunnen

1. Name: Giorgio Oehlers
2. Age: 20 Years
3. Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands
4. Sponsors: Remz, Grindhouse
5. Favorite event you attended so far: Winterclash 2006 and 2007
6. Best contest result so far: 1st place winterclash am 2007
7. Three characteristic features that describe you best: Somebody else should answer this.
8. Current Setup: REMZ Chris Haffey 2.0
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Rollerdam Volume.2
10. Good advice you’ve been given: Finish your school
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Going to sex in the city 2 with my mom
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Rollerblading
13. A place where you want to travel to next: California  
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: Martin van Drunnen, Max van Hooren and Vinny Minton
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Alex Nunez